Property Maintenance

Service Overview

We conduct routine property and building inspections, as well as on-the-scene evaluation after natural disasters. These inspections allow us to assess the quality of maintenance the property is receiving, as well as identify and deal with potential problems before they become overwhelming, costly, dangerous, and even litigious.

There is security in knowing there is ready access to responsive 24/7 urgent, ongoing, restorative, and preventative maintenance. Because we know the importance of upkeep in maintaining the value of a property while keeping costs down.

Why Choose Us

We can help you with a diverse range of property maintenance services.
Identifying and resolving minor maintenance disturbances can help prevent major disasters and may reduce maintenance costs by 30% or more.
Our property maintenance services are varied
See a list of services we provide below.

  • brick work
  • pergolas
  • carports and garages
  • fences and gates
  • interior or exterior walls
  • timberwork
  • bathrooms
  • installation of safety features
  • structural work
  • plumbing
  • electrical work
  • painting
  • finishing